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Show us the Sign!

Devoted to those Bonnie Boys in Teal!

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Show Us The Sign!

Welcome to the LiveJournal for the almost-but-not-quite-official Lost Boys Fan Club: The Lost Boys Estrogen Brigade. Here we post updates on where they are playing next, and also gives the fans a chance to discuss the musicians.

We are Fans of the Bonny Boys, the Lads in Teal, the Original Rock and Roll Band, the Rouges in a Nation that are THE LOST BOYS.

Based in Atlanta, the Boys are the original inventors of Rock and Roll, brought to our time by the power of Merlin from 1599. They can be found at the Georgia Rennissance Festival, Dragon*Con, the Carolina Renissance Festival, the occasional Braves game, and numerous other venues.

Lost Boy Links
The Lost Boys (Official Website)
Buy Their Cds!
Lost Boys Pictures, Taken By The Fans! (ask/email the mod if you have pics you'd like to add)

And while you're at it, check out these links:
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Lindsay Smith (aka Joni Minstrel)
The Georgia Renaissance Festival
The Lost Boys consist of:

Angus: Guitar, vocals
Aaron: Bass, vocals
Tom Smiter: Percussion, guitar, vocals
String: Guitar, Lute, Violin, Vocals, Fretless Bass, Banjo, Keyboards, Mandolin, Mouth Harp, Pennywhistle, Percussion, 12-String, Viola, Broadsword, Machete, Wine Bottle
Rules: (Not many, so listen up)

1) Respect the community and the members-- Don't be a thorn in everyone's side.

2) Talk talk talk! Feel free to discuss Lost Boys, Three Quarter Ale, performances, pranks, whatever you wish.

3) Pictures, icons, emails, polls, and emails from their mailing list are cool with me-- although I would greatly appreciate it if you use a LJ-cut.

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